Carriers need trained drivers to meet regulations

Truck carriers are eager to hire new truck drivers who have professional training and experience, especially as trucking regulations are enforced and fines increase.


“Officials in Milwaukee County said a serious number of over-the-road trucking violations are on the increase,” WISN Milwaukee reported this month. “Inspectors have looked at nearly 21,000 trucks in 2014 and issued nearly 71,000 violations.”


Officials across the country are stepping up inspections and that means commercial truck carriers will need more drivers who can be trusted because of their completion of a CDL training program like the one at Hamrick School.


If you are looking for a new career in the growing truck industry then completing a CDL training program could be the best way to get noticed from truck carriers.


“Some of these vehicles that we’re inspecting should not be on the road,” Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Steven Paar told WISN.


The same article reported that “Documents show that hazardous-materials violations are up more than 50 percent since 2010, and incidents of leaking hazardous materials are up 200 percent in that same time frame.”


As the demand for commercial truck services continues to grow, many carriers are expanding their truck fleet. A recent article by Fleet Owner reports that many carriers are considering leasing options for those new trucks in addition to purchasing new trucks, which is also on the rise.


“Leasing companies should start to capture more business in the Class 8 market over the next six years, according to new analysis conducted by global consulting firm Frost & Sullivan – particularly as a range of truck-related ‘extras’ from preventive maintenance to telematics services are expected to be included in leasing packages down the road,” Fleet Owner reports.


Leasing a commercial truck can sometimes be more profitable than owning a truck.


“Added-value services such as preventative maintenance, fleet management, and telematics are becoming key selling points for OEM captive lenders providing them a competitive advantage over their non-captive counterparts who can offer a lower annual percentage rate,” Wallace Lau, a senior industry analyst with the automotive & transportation at Frost & Sullivan, told Fleet Owner. “With total cost of ownership (TCO), fleet profitability and productivity calculations becoming increasingly important, those services allow fleets to focus on their core business operations, which is freight movement.”


Lau also said that “Class 8 trucks are quickly becoming more complex electronic machines, where maintenance procedures are handled through advanced diagnostic computers/systems.”


The growing demand for trucking services is leading to a need for more trucks by carriers but it has also created a growing demand for more truck drivers, especially those with CDL training.


There is incredible growth in the commercial truck industry right now and that is not only causing many carriers to consider new fuel options, but to hire more commercial truck drivers, especially those with professional CDL training from a school like Hamrick. This is a perfect time to launch a new career as a commercial truck driver as carriers are looking to add to their staff.


The commercial truck industry is exploding with growth and thousands of new truck drivers are needed to meet the new demand. Carriers are especially interested in CDL trained drivers and they want applicants who can remain in the industry for many years to come. Paying more attention to health and wellness is one way that the truck industry is improving its retention rate, which has not been good in recent years because not enough truck drivers are entering this profession with CDL training from a respected truck driver school.


Completing a CDL training program at Hamrick School can be a great option for jobseekers looking for long-term employment. The quality instructors at Hamrick School work with students to help them develop the skills necessary to not only pass their CDL test, but to develop the skills today’s truck carriers are looking for.


Hamrick School also gives students the chance to experience what working as a truck driver is really like before beginning this career. Officials at Hamrick also work with trucking recruiters to help students land the best job possible upon graduation from the CDL program.


Students of the CDL training program at Hamrick School are put in the driver’s seat of their career path as many complete the program with multiple job offers and opportunities.