Job Placement Assistance

The Career Services department at our Ohio truck driver training school are here to help you succeed in a truck driving career.

When you choose Hamrick School for your education, you can feel confident that the skills and knowledge you gain here will help you be in demand in your chosen career.

Located in Medina, near Cleveland and Akron, Hamrick School is not only dedicated to providing an excellent education to our students, but we also support them in their professional pursuits. While Hamrick School’s Career Services department cannot guarantee job placement, job search assistance is available to all Hamrick School graduates.

Whether you are creating a resume, applying for positions or preparing for your first interview, Hamrick School’s Career Services department is here to help you be ready. At Hamrick School, we stand behind our students from start to finish. Let us help you turn your career dreams into a reality!

Career Services for Truck Driving Students

At Hamrick School, our Ohio truck driver training programs can provide you with the training to become a licensed driver with a newfound insight on road procedures like safety, awareness and professionalism. Truck drivers play an integral role in our society, and our truck driving programs can be your road to success. Hamrick School offers the following placement assistance for students in its truck driver training programs:

  • The School regularly schedules presentations from a variety of trucking companies. During their visits, these companies take applications and interview students in Hamrick School’s truck driver training programs for job openings in Ohio and beyond.
  • Job orders are taken by the Career Services Department from area trucking companies seeking students from truck driver training programs in Ohio. These job orders offer graduates a multitude of opportunities. Students who would like to review these job orders are invited to meet with Career Services department personnel at their convenience.
  • Annually, Hamrick School holds an Annual Truck Driving Career Fair which was is successful. Our students and graduates have a great opportunity to meet with representatives of trucking companies, discuss hiring criteria, pay scales, benefits, and fill out applications for employment.

Contact us to learn more about our professional Ohio truck driver training program.

With the help of Hamrick School’s Career Services department, you can be on your way to your new career. We can assist you in the job search process and help you find employment opportunities.

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Good luck in your new venture!