Program Objective: This program is designed for individuals who have no prior knowledge or experience in tractor-trailer driving and wish to advance their level of proficiency through additional hours of training utilized for CDL Temporary Permit Test preparation, preventive maintenance, vehicle inspections, and safe operating procedures. This program prepares the student for the CDL Skills Test and entry-level employment as a driver in the trucking industry.

15.0 WEEKS TOTAL TIME FOR COMPLETION (Full-time, Days, Monday-Friday)
22.0 WEEKS TOTAL TIME FOR COMPLETION (Full-time, Evenings and Saturdays)

Gainful Employment Disclosures:
Here you will find information on program costs, information on median loan debt and the typical occupations that our programs prepare our students for, on-time graduation rates and employment rates for the 600 Master Truck Driver Training Program.

Curriculum CLOCK HOURS
Classroom Instruction 200 Hours
The first three weeks of classroom introduces students to the trucking industry, its regulations, laws, taxes and standards. Training prepares students for the CDL Temporary Permit Test and covers a wide range of subjects to develop an understanding of truck driving techniques, maneuvers, safety awareness and preventive maintenance through instructors’ presentations accompanied by video demonstrations, student discussions and group activities. During the fourth and fifth weeks of class, entry-level topics are covered in more detail, including Driver Wellness and Health, Hours of Service, and Trip Management. Other topics covered are Money Management, Time Management, and Preventive Maintenance as related to the CVSA Roadside Inspection Guidelines.
Site Training
Tractor – Trailer 312 (1) Hours
Hands-on training helps the students to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom.Training consists of hands-on driving techniques and maneuvers introduced during classroom training. Extensive backing procedures and maneuvers are performed in order to obtain proficient driving skills and learn various techniques required for successfully passing the CDL Skills Test. Students practice troubleshooting skills and possible maintenance problems in the operating systems of the tractor and trailer. Students also learn pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspecting procedures.
City and Highway Driving
Tractor – Trailer 48 Hours
City and Highway Driving enhances the students’ abilities to operate various types of equipment with different shift patterns. Students will receive a minimum of 10 hours of instruction behind the wheel on the road to develop students’ skills in safe operating procedures that is a required for passing the CDL Skills Test.
Passenger Bus Training 40 (2) Hours
Students learn proper inspection techniques for insuring passenger safety, learn to perform maneuvers required at a test site and on the job including alley dock, offset lane change, straight line backing, and parallel parking. On the road students learn proper procedures for loading and supervising passengers, arriving at stops, railroad crossings, avoiding accidents and prohibited practices.
Externship 200 (3) Hours
After receiving the Commercial Driver’s License, students will finish their training under the guidance and direction of a driver-trainer with a qualified trucking company.


1 For students participating in the Externship program, this requirement is reduced to 152 Hours.
2 For students participating in the Externship program, this requirement is eliminated.
3 For Qualifying Students.