CARES Act Emergency Grant Funding FAQ

Below is a guidance and information about the eligibility requirements for this funding.

View Hamrick School’s CARES Act Financial Aid Grants to Students reporting here.

Who is eligible for the CARES Act emergency grants funding?

Students who have unforeseen emergency expenses related to disruption of college operations (such as food, gas,health care, child care, room and board, etc.) due to the coronavirus pandemic are eligible to receive emergency funding. The CARES Act Emergency Grant funding for students is not provided to cover lost wages but rather unforeseen
emergency expenses.

Students also have to meet the following criteria to be considered for emergency grants funding:

  1. Be enrolled at school as of 3/23/20 and also be in attendance after the re-opening.
  2. Be eligible and be receiving Title IV funds as of 3/23/20 (based on 2019-2020 FAFSA).

How to apply for CARES Act funds?

The Financial Aid Officer will contact every eligible student with the information pertaining to distributing the funds.

What are the allowable expenses?

Allowable emergency expenses are those unforeseen expenses related to the disruption of college operations due to the pandemic. Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to, items related to the cost of attendance, such as food, gas, health care, child care, room and board, etc. It will not cover lost wages.

How students will be notified if they do or don’t qualify for CARES Act funding?

All communication will be done by Financial Aid Office contacting students directly.

If student is awarded CARES Act funds, how will they receive the funds?

All awards will be done by paper check and will be mailed to the address on file.

How long will it take to notify the student?

Students will be notified within 3 days after decision was made.

Students were provided with instructions, directions and guidance concerning all matters listed.