Student Services

The student services department at our Ohio truck driver training school is here to help you succeed in our Ohio truck driver training programs.

At Hamrick School, we want to help you feel at home as you work toward a better career future. That’s why we offer several student services to aid you. The instructors and staff members at Hamrick School are here to support you.

Here are just a few of the resources we offer to help keep your education and your career future on track:

Financial aid – Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Click here to learn more.

Advising – Students will be advised if needed in areas of academic or attendance concerns, and a plan will be developed to achieve the program objectives and improve attendance and academic performance. These advising sessions may be initiated at the student’s request, the instructor’s request or at the request of the School’s administration.

Tutoring – Tutoring is available free of charge upon student request and may be a requirement upon advisement.

Library resources – The student/staff library provides access to text materials, reference books, trade journals and periodicals which may be used as supplemental reading for coursework and for general background information. Students are asked to comply with the library rules on book checkout and return as explained during orientation.

Housing – The school does not have institutional housing available. There are motels in the Medina, Ohio area that are reasonably priced. The information can be obtained from the admissions office.