US, Canada partner to improve truck efficiency

The United States and Canada have announced a bi-national border infrastructure plan to expedite traffic and freight movements between the two countries as the commercial trucking industry continues to grow.

The interagency and bi-national planning mechanism was developed to establish a mutual understanding of recent, ongoing and potential border infrastructure investments and it outlines the approach that the U.S. and Canada will take to coordinate plans for physical infrastructure upgrades at small and remote ports of entry.

“Our two governments are committed to enhancing our mutual security and economic prosperity through significant investments at key crossings,” said Canada Minister of Public Safety, Vic Toews. “These investments will reduce border delays, expedite trade across our shared border, and allow the Canada Border Services Agency to focus on facilitating the flow of low-risk people and goods while keeping the border open to legitimate trade and travel.”

Commercial truck driver demand has increased in both the United States and Canada, and the majority of the freight shipped between the two countries travels via commercial truck.

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