Trucking program with Mexico continues

A federal appeals court has upheld a long-distance trucking ruling for the us – mexico border following a petition from the owner-operator independent drivers association and the teamsters union who objected to the program.

The program includes 12 mexican carriers that have 44 trucks crossing the us – mexican border through a special customs agreement that streamlines the border check process. “the current pilot program permits mexican carriers that have met safety standards set by the federal motor carrier safety administration to provide long-distance service to and from the u.s. it is designed to prove that the agency’s standards will ensure safe operation by mexican carriers.” Source:

In petitioning the court that the program be discontinued, opponents claimed that the program illegally allowed mexican drivers to drive in america without an american license. They also said that the program allows mexican drivers to bypass american medical laws and drug-testing requirements.

While some trucking officials are objecting to the border crossing agreement, it does represent a continued push to streamline trucking services as the industry experiences rapid growth on both domestic and international shipping routes. Because of the growth in the commercial trucking industry, many job seekers are turning to this industry as a way to launch a new long-term career. Students at hamrick’s cdl driver training program are put in the best position to secure employment in the trucking field with assistance from on site placement personnel.

Now is the perfect time to begin a new career as a commercial truck driver. Routes are increasing and trucking shipments continue to grow across the country.