Ben Bowman, CDL Training Graduate

Ben Bowman recently stopped in to see everyone here at Hamrick School. He loves stopping in and showing off is truck. Ben graduated from Hamrick in March of 2011. In Mid April he started with Swift. In Late June of 2011, he was given his own truck. He has logged over 150,000 safe miles and has driven through 45 different states. In the Fall of 2012 he started driving for Crete.

Ben Bowman, Hamrick CDL graduate

“I can’t thank all of the instructors at Hamrick School enough for being patient with me and taking one-on-one time with me. They made a trucker out of me. I still talk to several of the instructors on the phone, and I get the chance to stop at the school in my every now and then. I enjoy talking to the students both in the classroom and in the yard. I tell all of them no matter what don’t give up. You can be standing right here as a successful Hamrick graduate in the not so distant future telling a future class about how you did it.” – Ben Bowman