Safety remains a focus for trucking industry

Driving a truck for a living is a safe career, especially now when compared to just several years ago. There has been an increase focus in safety practices and professional training for new drivers.

However, some safety statistics have shown a slight decrease in recent years and it has caused some federal lawmakers to push for a new hours-of-service requirement. Many in the commercial truck industry are fighting for the changes. The changes represent a growing importance of safe driving practices, which underscores the need for new drivers to have professional cdl training.

Truck-related fatalities rose 2 percent to 3,757 in 2011 and injuries increased 10 percent to 88,000, according to data compiled by the national highway traffic safety administration. Those levels were below the annual average of 4,296 deaths and 74,800 injuries over the decade that ended in 2011. Fatigue was a factor in about 13 percent of serious crashes involving large trucks according to a july 2007 study by nhtsa and fmcsa.

Despite the increase in safety statistics, the overall figures show that truck drivers are safer on the road than the general public. As carriers look to continue improving safety on the road they will continue to look for applicants who have professional cdl training from a school like hamrick.

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