New generation of truckers needed

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average age of a truck driver in the U.S. is 48. Less than 8 percent of truck drivers are between ages 25 and 29. With a nation-wide shortage of quality truck drivers already in full-swing, the gap between supply and demand continues to grow. Estimates of truck drivers needed range between 20,000 and 100,000.

One way some in the trucking industry are trying to attract the younger generation is through recruiting. Often, graduates are able to complete their program and obtain a CDL within just a few months. According to the Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA), with a minimal length of training, most new drivers enter a high demand occupation at starting compensation around $40,000 per year, often with benefits. Additionally, pay increases rapidly – especially for drivers with high safety records.

The trucking industry has changed rapidly in recent years. Some companies used to be hesitant to hire new drivers right out of school, but with the increasing demands of shipping and not enough drivers to deliver goods, companies are recruiting students before they have finished their program. Hamrick School offers a quality education in fast-paced programs from just six to fifteen weeks. Hamrick School also has a job search assistance program for graduates to utilize once they have received their CDL.

Opportunities continue to rise as the trucking industry has an ever-increasing need for more drivers as their veterans retire. For those looking for a flexible work schedule with great pay and benefits and the chance to increase their income quickly, a job in the commercial trucking industry could be the answer.