Medical assistants in high demand

The healthcare industry is the fastest growing job sector in America and millions of new positions will be created in the coming years, especially medical assistant positions in various medical and healthcare facilities across the country.

“Healthcare will continue to grow fastest and provide some of the best paying jobs in the nation,” according to a study from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce. “But the people in these jobs will increasingly require higher levels of education to enter the field and continuous certification once they are in.”

The report said as many as 6.5 million new healthcare jobs are expected to be created by 2020 and that the demand will be seen in nearly every healthcare position, including medical assistants.

In covering the release of the Georgetown report, the website Huffington Post highlighted the growth of the healthcare industry as leading to its growing demand for more employees.

“Americans spent $2.6 trillion on health care in 2010 — ten times more than in 1980,” reported Huffington Post. “That revenue boost has, in turn, driven job growth; the health care industry last year created more than 540,000 jobs in Michigan alone, making it the largest private employer in the state, according to the Detroit News. The trend holds true at the national level too, with the health care industry remaining one of the few reliant drivers of job growth in the aftermath of the financial crisis, according to The New York Times.”