Medical assistant training offers opportunities

Medical assistants work to provide support to both clinical and administration staff in a healthcare facility and there is a growing need for medical assistants with professional training from a school like Hamrick School.

The medical assisting program at Hamrick School prepares students for certification and offers real-world experience to meet the growing demand that the healthcare industry has for office assistants that understand the specific requirements of working in a broad range of settings such as a physician’s office, medical clinic, hospital, nursing home, chiropractor’s office, laboratory facility, and an insurance company.

While unemployment remains high, the healthcare industry is bucking that trend with a demand for millions of workers, but you don’t have to go to medical school to take advantage of a career in the healthcare industry as most healthcare employers are looking for medical assistants in a variety of medical facilities. Medical assistants are needed across the country and many healthcare facilities are actually experiencing a shortage of qualified candidates for medical assistant positions in all types of environments.

Improvements in technology, new medical breakthroughs and America’s aging population will all add to the demand currently experienced by the healthcare industry.
Medical assisting program’s curriculum at Hamrick School includes training in medical office procedures, including computer fundamentals, medical terminology and pharmacology, medical coding and billing, and medical insurance processing.

If you are looking for a career change then take advantage of this growing industry by completing the medical assisting program and put yourself in position to receive a stable job as a medical assistant.