Medical assistant job can launch advanced career

The medical field is hiring people for a variety of positions and medical assisting has quickly become one of the nation’s fastest growing career fields where healthcare employers across the country are looking for applicants with training in the relevant practices of a medical assistant.

Working as a medical assistant can be an entry-level position that works in a doctor’s office, hospital, or extended care facility. Becoming a medical assistant can be a great way to launch a healthcare career and those with professional training are often given more responsibility in the same position, leading to further advancement. Some medical assistants are able to advance to become a medical office manager, medical administrative assistant, or a medical coding specialist.

Medical assistants can also work in a specific field of the medical industry, such as helping with x-rays, getting further training in radiology or even working as a laboratory assistant. One of the best parts about working as a medical assistant is that it is a profession that opens the door to many other advanced medical careers.

The best way to enter the medical assistant field is by completing an approved training program like the one at Hamrick School. Students in the medical assistant training program can be at the top of the list for some of the best healthcare employers. Becoming a medical assistant can be a great way to launch a long-term healthcare career.