Growth in trucking leading to demand for drivers

The commercial truck industry has been experiencing strong growth in recent years and many labor experts predict that another 500,000 professionally trained commercial truck drivers may be needed over the next decade.

That means drivers with professional training from a respected driver training program, like Hamrick School, are finding success in landing a job at some of the nation’s top trucking firms. Recruiters at Hamrick School work with some of the nation’s top truck carriers to help students find the job they are looking for in this growing field. In fact, many students at Hamrick School complete the driver training program with multiple job offers because the demand for professionally trained truck drivers is so high.

In addition to offering good pay and stability, a career as a commercial truck driver offers chances for advancement, especially for drivers with professional training and experience. Because the demand for commercial truck drivers is expected to continue for several years, new drivers can feel comfortable with the fact that they are working in an industry that offers stability and a chance for growth. Carriers have thousands of job vacancies right now, but as more drivers enter retirement and the number of routes increases as the economy grows, even more commercial truck drivers will be needed in the future.

If you are someone who is looking for a new career in a growing industry then becoming a commercial truck driver could be the right step for you. There is no better way to launch a career as a truck driver than by completing the training program at Hamrick School, which is training the next generation of truck drivers.