Will Self-Driving Trucks Take Over the Industry? Why You Shouldn't Worry

Technology has impacted almost every component of the modern world, and the transportation industry is no different. With many businesses experimenting with self-driving or autonomous vehicles, many people are wondering if becoming a truck driver will be an option for much longer. Here is a little more information about self-driving trucks and their impact on the transportation industry. 

Will Self Driving Trucks Take Over Trucking Soon? 

Although the thought of self-driving vehicles may seem like an immediate threat to truck drivers across the globe, the autonomous transportation industry is still a long way from reaching perfection. In fact, there are many incidents where self-driving cars have gotten into accidents because they can’t read road conditions like humans can. 

truck driverAdditionally, since freight haulers carry thousands of pounds of expensive products and are more susceptible to issues involving the wind or weather, it is highly unlikely that self-driving vehicles will replace truck drivers on a large-scale basis. While some experts are predicting that self-driving vehicles could replace sections of routes, truck drivers will most likely be needed to navigate through busy municipal areas and routes that are especially susceptible to inclement weather. 

Is Trucking Still a Viable Career?  

Truck drivers are projected to continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future, especially as automated driving continues to have problems. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers will increase about 6% from now through 2026, which is about as fast as average industries. 

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