Why You’re Never Too Old for Truck Driving School

As you age, it’s normal to crave change. You may decide to travel more, try a new hobby, or even switch jobs. If you’re over 35 and want to experience something new, enroll in truck driving school. This career path offers unique benefits for drivers of any age—but especially older adults. Below we discuss why you’re never too mature for this exciting opportunity.     

Truck Driving Has No Age Cutoff

To become a truck driver, you must be at least 21 years of age. Fortunately for older students, there is no maximum-age cutoff. Anyone can be a truck driver as long as they receive a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and pass the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) physical assessment. This exam does not evaluate age—it only ensures you are physically able to fulfill the job requirements. So if you are eager to learn and in fair shape, you have what it takes to be a professional truck driver.

Because of this relative freedom, many of today’s CDL holders are older. According to Teletrac Navman, the average driver is 49 years old. Likewise, people aged 45 to 64 make up nearly 50% of the industry’s current employees. People aged 35 to 44 represent 25%.     

Why Adults 35+ Should Go to Truck Driving School

truck driving schoolThe lack of an age restriction isn’t the only reason why so many older adults are becoming truck drivers. This occupation also offers plenty of distinct advantages. For example, truck drivers get to travel all around the country. They get paid to see new cities and landmarks, so each day feels like a new adventure. These travel opportunities are especially valuable for older adults who have spent most of their professional life working a traditional desk job.

Truck driving school also increases your lifetime earning potential. According to Indeed, the average office worker makes $12.97 per hour. CDL holders, on the other hand, make around $20.42 per hour. This salary typically increases with more training and experience. Most truck drivers also receive medical and life insurance, 401(k), paid sick time, and vacation time.

Together, the high pay and ample benefits packages can help older truck drivers supplement their retirement, pension, or social security income. For those who have not begun saving up for retirement, truck driving school can be an excellent way to start.

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