Why Should You Choose Trucking School Over Company Training?

Truck drivers are in high demand as the need for transporting goods increases. A report by the American Trucking Associations indicated a need for more than 60,000 truck drivers to fill jobs in 2018. The industry is expected to continue on an upward trajectory, and that means even more opportunities will be open for truck drivers. In order to pursue a career in truck driving, you must obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL). To do that, you can enroll in a private truck driving school or seek training through a company. There are several factors to consider for which CDL education you choose, but the benefits of attending truck driving school make it a smart choice.

How Each Works

With private truck driving schools, you enroll in a flexible training program, usually with classes offered at various times to accommodate different schedules. You may be able to attend days, nights, and weekends according to what works for your schedule. At a private truck driving school, you’re a student there to learn the skills instead of a future employee to be trained for a specific company. 

truck driving schoolCompany-sponsored training is sometimes low-cost or free as long as you sign a contract with the company, and sometimes they’ll require you pay them back tuition once you start earning a paycheck from them. Private truck driving schools do charge for tuition, but there are many opportunities, such as student assistance, grants, and loans to receive this education affordably and without accumulating debt.

Why You Should Choose Truck Driving School


For those who want the freedom to choose who they work for after they’re educated, the opportunities are wide-ranging when you attend a private trucking school. Options are limited following company training because you may have to sign a contract with that company to work for them after you get your CDL.


Unlike company training, truck driving schools are there to assist you before and after your CDL training. They’ll help you get financial aid, and sometimes you can even attend tuition-free. Truck driving schools will also help you with job placement once you’re ready to move on to your career.


Instruction also tends to be more individualized in truck driving schools than in company-sponsored training programs. You’re allowed to make progress more at your own rate, and you’ll be taught by knowledgeable, experienced experts from the industry.

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