Why Should Every Truck Driver Install a Dash Camera?

semi truck dash cam

CDL training doesn’t just teach students how to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV)—it also emphasizes safety. Throughout our rigorous programs, Hamrick School gives truck drivers the knowledge and skills needed to protect themselves on the road. Namely, we discuss the importance of proper driving techniques and safety equipment such as dash cameras.


3 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Should Use a Dash Camera


  1. Thwart VandalismA shot from above a California freeway and local transporting activities

Most dash cameras, or dash cams, come with a “standby” feature that allows the device to only turn on when it feels motion in or around the truck. When activated, they will upload the video feed to a computer or mobile device, so truck drivers know if someone is trying to break into or vandalize the vehicle. As a result, dash cams could help drivers catch an offender or even deter them from committing the crime in the first place.


  1. Prove Fault

According to the Congressional Research Service, there were more than 400,000 accidents involving CMVs in 2015. Recent studies show that, despite technological advancements, this rate remains high. Dash cams cannot stop crashes, but they can help truck drivers prove who was at fault. Inward-facing cameras can also show that the driver did everything in their power to prevent the accident. This knowledge could then expedite an insurance claim as well as protect drivers from receiving unwarranted traffic violations.


  1. Lower Insurance Rates

As per Commercial Truck Insurance HQ, semi-truck insurance typically costs between $3,000 and $5,000 a year for leased owner-operators. Owner-operators with authority, on the other hand, could pay anywhere from $9,000 to $12,000 a year per truck. Where an O/O falls on this spectrum depends on the value of the vehicle, type of freight, and average distance traveled.


Dash cameras also factor into this equation. Simply owning one won’t decrease the insurance premium, but it can reduce the rate over time. As previously discussed, dash cams can prove a truck driver was not responsible for an accident. They can also show that the crash was unavoidable. These capabilities keep unnecessary strikes off one’s motor vehicle record, thus lowering insurance rates.

Dash cameras are just one way truck drivers can stay safe on the road. For more on the industry’s best practices, call Hamrick School at (330) 239- 2229. Our passionate instructors will be happy to talk to you about CMV safety as well as our comprehensive CDL training program. You can also fill out a request for information form to learn about the admissions process.

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