What's the Difference Between Flatbed & Tanker Trucks?

The commercial transport industry offers straightforward ways for truck drivers to earn more money. They can choose the types of trailers they want to haul, increasing their income early on. Operators can also take endorsement exams to transport special loads. While many options are available, flatbed trucking and tankers have underappreciated advantages that can benefit new truckers. 

What Are the Benefits of Flatbed Trucking?

Heavy equipment, building materials, and construction vehicles can’t fit in standard rigs. Flatbeds are open-air trailers, allowing for more dimensional flexibility for these loads.

Since flatbeds have different securement procedures, loading the materials is physically vigorous. Truck drivers benefit from the exercise before and after reaching their destination. The securement skills are also valuable, with carriers willing to pay more for experienced truckers. 

While on a flatbed haul, truckers must inspect the cargo repeatedly to ensure open-air exposure hasn’t damaged it. Drivers must also account for upcoming weather patterns, which may affect the equipment. However, dispatchers can provide route changes, and carriers supply tarps to protect the cargo in these instances. 

Flatbeds are often overlooked by truckers, making it an in-demand job. Carriers are offering significant pay increases to attract new drivers. 

What Are the Benefits of Tanker Trucking? 

Truck Driver

Tanker haulers are also in demand and have higher income rewards. Truck drivers transport gases and liquids, including food-grade products, fuel, oil, and chemicals. Depending on the company’s needs, truckers will make deliveries in light-, medium-, or heavy-duty tankers. All tanker hauls are considered sensitive, and some materials are hazardous. Carriers need safe and reliable truckers who are detail-oriented. Commercial operators must earn an H Endorsement to drive these tankers. The endorsement has a nominal fee that the trucking company is likely to reimburse their truckers for. 

Drivers are also provided with special training and personal protective equipment (PPE) ahead of their first haul. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), both the training and the equipment are updated every three years. In turn, carriers understand the dedication tanker driving takes. Since the job demands can be challenging, these operators are among the highest-paid in the transport industry. 

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