What You Need to Know About Truck Breakdowns

When you head out on the open road, you never know which challenges will await you, especially when you are driving an 18-wheeler. Fortunately, by understanding the common causes of breakdowns and attending truck driving school, you may be able to protect yourself and your haul. Here’s what you should know about common breakdown issues and how to prevent them. 

What Are the Most Common Causes of Truck Breakdowns?

The most frequent mechanical problems involved in semi-truck breakdowns include electrical and engine failure, brake issues, and damaged tires. Over time, brake fluid can become contaminated and less effective, and corrosion can cause leaks that make stopping the vehicle difficult. Oil can also pass from the compressor into the brake lines, reducing friction and contaminating the system. Electrical failures can include issues with the lighting, navigation, charging, or cranking system, and tire problems can involve loss of tread depth. Any section of the engine can break down if the components become overused and the system isn’t well-maintained. 

How Can You Prevent Issues? 

truck driving schoolFortunately, you can avoid roadside emergencies by maintaining your vehicle carefully. Owner-operators should abide carefully by the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations, and any issue should be resolved properly before the vehicle is brought back onto the road. Brake and tire issues can be prevented by paying attention to the tread depth and brake system health, and electrical system issues can be resolved by noting strange occurrences with the lighting or interior components and having a professional inspect and repair any issues early. One of the best ways to understand and resolve mechanical problems is by attending truck driving school, where students learn about everything from safe driving and shifting patterns to maintenance and emergency repairs. 

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