What to Know About Trucker Etiquette

While understanding the basics of how to operate a truck, such as changing lanes and maintaining the tires, is important, it’s also essential to learn etiquette. The industry has its own set of unwritten rules, and knowing them will help you thrive as you begin your career. Here’s what you need to know as a new truck driver.

4 Trucking Etiquette Practices to Keep in Mind

1. Pass Other Trucks Quickly

Don’t try to pass other trucks while you’re driving up a hill, mountain, or another steep incline, especially if you’re carrying a heavy load. It’ll take a long time for you to pass the other vehicle, causing you to block traffic and create a bottleneck. Instead, only pass in flat, clear areas, when you know it’ll be quick and easy.

2. Use an Actual Parking Spot at Trucks Stops

When you go inside a truck stop to eat, do paperwork, or shower, never park at the fuel island. Instead, move your vehicle to an actual parking spot. This will allow other drivers to use the area properly.

3. Don’t Use the Passing Lane Unnecessarily

Unless you’re passing, avoid the left lane; this will help prevent traffic from building up behind you. If there’s a vehicle driving slowly in front of you, either pass them or increase your following distance. Also, avoid tailing other truck drivers or motorists, as this can come across as aggressive. 

4. Let Other Truck Drivers Merge Onto the Highway

While technically, truckers getting onto the freeway are supposed to yield, you should give them space to merge. It’s difficult for a semi-truck to easily get on the highway because they don’t go as fast as cars, so other truck drivers will appreciate it when you let them in. You can do this by slowing down or moving to a different lane, making sure to signal.

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