What to Expect During CDL Training

Becoming a commercial truck driver can be an amazing way to see the country, and provide for your family. Before any of that, you must complete the CDL training program, which includes classroom lessons, on-the-road instruction, and state-mandated testing. While different than going through a regular school, there are things you should know to help you prepare.

How Does Training Begin?

Morning class starts at 7:45 am, and evening class at 5:30 pm, sharp. You’re going to spend 80 hours in a classroom, so don’t be late, but do bring a notepad. This class will prepare you for the CDL Temporary Permit Test, a 50 questions multiple choice exam that the Ohio BMV requires as part of the certification process. During this course, you’ll learn safety procedures, the log system, along with state and federal regulations, and how they apply to the specific vehicle you’re driving. It’s best to spend classroom time taking notes, and not on your phone. If there’s an emergency, please take the call outside.

What Happens After the Classroom?

As your CDL training progresses, you’ll spend less time in the classroom, and more time in a rig doing on-site training and driving. During road training, you’ll learn how to turn and back your rig up, how to couple and uncouple your trailer, how to pass pre- and post-trip inspections, and general vehicle maintenance. Much of the training will take place outdoors, so dress for the weather.  

Eventually, you’ll receive extensive city and highway training from experienced instructors. With their guidance, you’ll road test multiple types of rigs to guarantee safe usage of tractor-trailers.  

All of this training will lead to the CDL certification test, which the Ohio Department of Transportation requires once training ends. Three skills are tested: a pre-trip inspection of your vehicle to ensure its safety, a basic maneuverability test including turning and backing up, and a road test covering several conditions and scenarios on city streets and the highway. 

With over 30 years of experience providing CDL training, our school has been honored with the 2010 School of Distinction award from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, and the 2012 Excellence in Business Award by the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council. We offer financial aid options and job placement programs, ensuring that our students always come first.     

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