What Stretches Should Truck Drivers Perform?

Many truck drivers and other transportation professionals experience frequent soreness, tightness, and pain caused by hours behind the wheel. While this might not seem like a serious problem, lack of blood flow can cause major health problems down the line. Luckily, with a few simple stretches, you can keep yourself healthy and comfortable on the road. 

5 Stretches for Truck Drivers to Increase Blood Flow and Mobility

1. Neck Rotations

Driving for hours on end leaves many people with a stiff neck, which can lead to back pain, sleep problems, and distracted driving. Work out the tension in your neck by performing rotations whenever you stop. To do so, reach your arm over your head and gently pull down toward your shoulder until you feel a stretch. Repeat with your other arm. You can also roll your head forward from one shoulder to another for a deeper stretch. 

2. Wrist Bends

Help increase blood flow throughout your arms and ease tension in your hands by performing wrist bends. Place your fingers on the steering wheel while holding your hand vertically, and then push. Make sure to bend your hand in the opposite direction afterward to stretch the full range. You can supplement this by stretching your fingers back individually. 

3. Hamstring Squares

Sitting for extended periods leaves many truck drivers with sleeping and sore legs resulting from inhibited circulation. Every time you stop to refuel, eat, or unload, you should be stretching your legs, and especially your hamstrings. Standing within arm’s length of your truck, place your hands flat on the side, and step back into a lunge-like position. You should feel the stretch up your legs. Repeat this with both legs, and then step fully back and bend over to form a right angle between your legs and torso. The stretch should work its way up your spine. 

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4. Shoulder Pulls

To perform this stretch, put one arm flat across your chest, hold it with your other arm, and pull into your body. You should feel the stretch throughout your shoulders, triceps, and upper back. This stretch works a couple different muscles groups and will keep your arms from falling asleep while also strengthening key upper back muscles that can be a source of pain.

5. Quad Stretches

This one is a classic for good reason. Simply balance yourself against the truck and bend one leg at the knee. Grab it with your free hand and feel the stretch through your quads. Hold this for a few seconds on each side to get the blood flowing. 

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