What Is A Hazmat Endorsement

Truck drivers have many options for financial advancement through CDL endorsements. Once they complete a specialized test, the endorsement authorizes them to transport unique hauls. While there are many available, the hazardous materials endorsement offers significant benefits.

What Is CDL Endorsement H?

Some substances need to be transported, but they also pose a health threat to individuals exposed to them. The hazardous materials are numerous and fall into nine categories, as listed by Air Sea Containers. While these materials can be intimidating to transport at first, the safety of the truck driver is paramount.

The hazardous materials are stored in safe and resilient containers. Likewise, the trucks are customized to enhance handler and load protection. Drivers are provided with modern personal protective equipment (PPE) and are given extensive testing. Regulatory bodies, like the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), are constantly embracing new methods and technologies. They often update the safety procedures and materials used in transporting hazardous materials. All hazmat truckers receive updated training every three years to learn the new safety procedures. According to Grainger, they also need to renew their hazmat license every five years to ensure safe handling.

What Are the Benefits of Earning Endorsement H?

Higher Pay

Employers understand the commitment and risks involved in Endorsement H. These truckers receive significantly higher salaries than drivers with a standard CDL. Hazmat truckers can also earn more money either per haul or per mile.

Reputation Perks

Truckers currently working as contractors or looking for a new carrier should earn their hazmat license. It helps them stand out from other applicants and increases the transportation jobs they’re qualified for. Potential employers particularly like seeing Endorsement H on resumes. It shows that the truck driver is ambitious and dedicated to their career.

More Opportunities

A hazmat license opens the door for further endorsements. Drivers can earn Endorsement N, allowing them to drive tankers, which are often used in hazmat transport. Having both qualifies as Endorsement X, which further increases job opportunities at even higher pay rates.

How Do Truck Drivers Earn a Hazardous Materials Endorsement?

Most truckers will have to earn their standard CDL before earning Endorsement H by:

  • Completing the HAZPRINT driver application, provided by the Transportation Security Agency (TSA).
  • Completing a background check and threat assessment review and submitting fingerprints for the TSA and the Ohio BMV.
  • Passing a hazardous materials knowledge test based on information from section 9 of the Ohio Commercial Driver License Handbook.

When applying for the endorsement, truck drivers should also obtain a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC®) card. It will allow them to access secure ports, maritime facilities, and ships when they need to transport hazardous materials.

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