Understand the CDL Exam & How to Ace It

With your program coming to an end, you’ll soon take the CDL exam that your classes have prepared you for. The test is broken up into two sections—a written and road portion—to ensure that you’re prepared for life on the road and that you’re a safe driver. Knowing what to expect will let you go into the exam with confidence.

What Does the CDL Test Include?

The Written Section

Ohio BMV’s CDL has revealed that their test is broken into two parts: a written and a skills section. The written test contains 50 multiple-choice questions, according to driving-test.com. It’s also broken up into several sections, covering multiple topics.

The first section focuses on general knowledge and regulations regarding the safe transportation of goods. 

The exam will also cover different endorsements you can apply for, such as hazardous materials, tankers, oversized loads, combination tanker/HAZMAT, and passenger vehicles.

Finally, the test will contain an air brakes test. The air brakes ensure that large vehicles safely stop by using compressed air. Passing this section of the test will allow you to operate semi-trucks that use air brakes, opening you up to further opportunities. 

The Skills Section

When you pass the written section, you’ll move on to the skills section. An examiner will watch as you pre-inspect your vehicle before using it, ensuring it’s safe to use on the road. This shows your understanding of the rig’s mechanics and your dedication to safe driving. 

For the next part, you’ll get behind the wheel with your examiner. They’ll ask you to do basic maneuvers you learned while in your CDL program. You’ll turn, park, and move forward and in reverse. 

In the final part of the skills test, you’ll drive on the streets and highway, proving your capability as a truck driver in a day-to-day scenario. 

What Are Some Tips to Help You Ace the CDL Test?

The foundation of success is in the preparation. One of your best resources is the yearly-updated Ohio CDL handbook. The manual is available online, though your driving school probably has hard copies, as well. Your instructors will help you understand the contents and how they factor into the exam. 

Take detailed notes during your CDL classes and ask questions whenever you’re unsure of the material. 

Practice tests are available online for you to study from, along with your notes and the manual. By testing yourself repeatedly, you’ll understand what sections need further study. 

In the days leading up to the exam, make sure you’re getting restful sleep. You’ll be more alert on the day of the test and you’ll be ready to ace it. 

Our accredited program will give you the tools you need to pass the CDL exam and move on to a lucrative career as a truck driver. For our 2020 class schedule, reach out to us at (330) 239-2229.

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