Understand CDL Endorsements

When truck drivers earn CDL endorsements, they can transport a greater variety of goods and drive specific types of vehicles that aren’t included in basic CDL licenses. Earning endorsements will help you diversify your abilities, increasing your demand within the industry, and making your career more lucrative.

What Are Popular Endorsements?

Hazardous Materials (H Endorsement)
There aren’t enough drivers with hazardous materials (HAZMAT) endorsements, creating a real need for drivers in that field.

Most endorsements only require a written test. However, the HAZMAT endorsement has more steps. You must undergo a background check (including fingerprinting) and provide proof of citizenship.

You’ll have to renew your endorsement every two to five years, depending on the state in which you live.

Double & Triple Trailer (T Endorsement)

As a truck driver, you’ll only drive a rig with a single trailer. With this CDL endorsement, you’ll be certified to transport multiple trailers, opening you up to a wide variety of jobs.

Passengers (P Endorsement)

The passenger endorsement allows you to operate a vehicle with 16 or more people in it. While this endorsement is most often used for bus operators, it benefits truck drivers as well.

A passenger endorsement makes team driving possible. In team driving, you and your partner take shifts driving the truck. This allows you to cover more miles in a shorter period of time and take on jobs that offer more money. Most drivers don’t know each other prior to becoming partners. However, working together lets you forge a friendship as you travel down the road.

Tanker Vehicle (N Endorsement)

Obtaining an N endorsement allows you to operate tanker vehicles, which often transport liquids and gases, like petroleum, oil, and propane.

You’ll need special training to learn how to load the tanker, ensure its safety, and troubleshoot leaks while you’re driving.

You can apply for a combination endorsement—known as an X endorsement—to drive tanker vehicles holding hazardous materials.

What Are the Benefits of CDL Endorsements?

The more endorsements you have, the more jobs you’ll be available to take on. Depending on what jobs are offered and the timetable you’re working on, you can choose which hauls fir your schedule or offer the most money.

Endorsements also help prepare you for the future. Industries that don’t need many truck drivers right now might need them in the future. Having the right endorsements during a busy time will help you get more lucrative work quickly.

Endorsements allow truck drivers to grow their careers. To take the first step with our accredited classes, reach out to us at (330) 239-2229.

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