The Pros and Cons of Team Driving

A truck driver can only drive for 11 hours during their shift. In team driving, two drivers share the driving in shifts, reducing delivery times and potentially earning more money. While team driving is popular with many truckers and companies, there are factors to consider before finding a co-driver.  

What are the Benefits of Team Driving?

Being a newly licensed driver can be difficult and overwhelming. Teaming with a more experienced trucker will help get your foot in the door. As part of a team, you’ll gain experience and build a positive reputation.

Team drivers are always in high demand with companies, making them easy jobs to find. Some companies even offer sign-on bonuses for team drivers. Since driving in shifts decreases downtime, deliveries are completed faster. This will allow you to take on more jobs and earn more money. Working as a team also decreases vehicle maintenance costs, since you’ll be sharing the bill.

Trucking is a solitary career. Having a partner around to talk to can make the miles between stops go by faster, especially if you’re married to your co-driver. Since team driving became popular, the most successful teams have usually been couples. Couples who share a rig spend more time together and can earn more money by pooling their pay for deliveries.  

What are the Disadvantages of Team Driving?

Team truck drivers often work for several weeks straight, sometimes seeing their families less than solo drivers. When all your time is spent with your co-driver, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll always get along. Everyone has different ways of doing things, different preferred shift schedules, and different routes they’d rather take. Like any relationship, working with a co-driver will mean making compromises.

Team driving can also affect your sleep. Your body may have to adjust to working at night and resting in the day. You may experience irregular sleep patterns and fatigue. Regardless of when you’re working, you’ll be resting in the rig’s bunk while your co-driver is on-shift. The noise and the movement of the truck might make getting and staying asleep difficult.

Most importantly, the pay between team drivers is split. Depending on your schedule and the load you’re hauling, you’ll make more money than a solo driver, but it may not be much.

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