The Do's and Don'ts of Switching Trucking Companies

Circumstances and priorities change over time. Whether it’s due to a new opportunity, a move, or a feeling of stagnation, truck drivers may want to work for another company in the future. Since it’s a unique industry, truckers must follow specific measures to transition from one carrier to the next professionally. Consult the guide below to ensure you resign properly and continue to grow your positive reputation between companies. 


Give notice well ahead of time. 

It’s customary to resign two weeks ahead of time. However, the expected notice varies between trucking companies. Larger carriers may allow for an earlier dismissal, while new ones may need more time to plan for a driver’s departure. 

It’s best to ask what the standard amount of time is and provide a resignation in writing when the time comes. Ask for a reply from management to prove to future employers that there was a formal notice. A Trucking Truth article reports that the industry keeps a DAC report on each truck driver, which acts as a permanent record. Resigning the right way protects the trucker’s reputation. 

Thank your supervisors and coworkers. 

Truck Driver

Take some time to directly thank other truck drivers, dispatchers, managers, and owners. Showing appreciation enhances your reputation and builds bridges. You can also ask for recommendation letters, which will complement your file and DAC report moving forward. 


Abandon the truck or load. 

Abandonments are recorded on DAC reports, which will make finding future employment difficult. Return the rig, trailer, and company-owned equipment to the requested terminal. In some cases, a carrier’s preferred location may be out of the truck driver’s way, which can be inconvenient. However, most companies will pay for the driver’s return travel, especially if they’re leaving in good standing. 

Quit during transport.

Some truck drivers have a new carrier already lined up and decide not to deliver the final load for their current company. It’s a detrimental practice like abandonment. Your current trucking company will need to find another driver for the delivery. The change can interfere with the trucker’s schedule and negatively impact their income. It will also damage your reputation. 

If you can’t make the final delivery due to new carrier obligations, talk to your current dispatcher or manager. They may be able to work out a refined schedule. Your courtesy will help improve your reputation rather than damage it.

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