The Comprehensive Guide to Truck Driver Career Options

If you’re interested in a career with a steady workflow that allows you to travel, truck driving may be the perfect match. But what are your options as a truck driver? Once you complete your CDL classes and pass the exam, many diverse opportunities await you. Learn more about what you can do with CDL training from the guide below.

6 Career Options for Truck Drivers

1. Local or Regional

Local drivers tend to stay within or near city limits, so people who choose this path are generally able to come home more often. As a regional truck driver, your parameters will widen to include neighboring areas. Both options tend to be more preferable for drivers with families.

2. Over-the-road

Over-the-road (OTR) drivers can expect to travel anywhere across the country—and even through Canada, depending on the trucking company. For those who love long-distance driving and don’t mind being away from home, OTR trucking is the career path for you.

3. Dry Van

truck driverMost truck drivers will begin their careers hauling a dry van trailer. It is the most common type of freight transportation you’ll see on the road, and its contents typically consist of dry, nonperishable goods. Although it is considered a starting point, dry van driving can be just as rewarding as any other career.

4. Tankers

This job involves transporting hazardous and nonhazardous liquids. Because transferring liquids requires great skill and care, drivers who can handle tankers are considered highly desirable. If you are capable of managing high-pressure tasks, tanker driving is a lucrative career choice.

5. Less-than-truckload Freight

For smaller, more personalized shipments, you might prefer less-than-truckload (LTL) freight driving. LTL truck drivers haul smaller loads, and like local and regional drivers, their trips tend to be on the shorter side. Be prepared to do some heavy lifting, however, as you will likely need to unload several shipments a day by yourself.

6. Refrigerated Freight

Although it may not seem too different from dry van driving, refrigerated freights come with many additional demands. You will carry the responsibility of controlling and supervising the temperature setting of your trailer and arranging transported goods to maintain freshness. Truck drivers with advanced organizational skills should take advantage of this position.

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