Is Trade School Right for Me?

While attending college has many benefits, including a high earning potential in many fields, more and more individuals are considering trade school to learn skills like fixing cars and truck driving. As the costs of higher education go up, four-year and even two-year degrees are becoming less attractive. Trade school, on the other hand, is affordable, practical, and lucrative. This guide will help you consider whether this path is right for you. 

What Is Trade School?   

Trade schools are educational institutions that are designed to teach students a specific and practical vocation. For example, many people become plumbers, electricians, or truck drivers. 

Additionally, trade school curriculums are meant to get students a certification in less than two years from enrollment. Some programs, such as trucking schools, will get you a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in less than a year. 

truck driverWhile college provides students with chances to enjoy extracurriculars, sports, and electives, trade school is much more to the point. Your training will be hands-on and give you plenty of opportunities to learn and practice new skills, such as truck driving and vehicle maintenance. 

Why Go to Trade School Over College?  

Choosing between college and trade school is a personal decision and will depend on your aspirations, interest, and personality. Here are some factors to consider.

Time & Money

A bachelor’s degree usually requires four years of your time and hefty tuition bills, depending on which college you attend. Trade schools, on the other hand, take much less time to complete and are affordable. In fact, some programs will get you a certificate in around six months. This will allow you to start earning money right away. 

Small Class Sizes

While colleges may have professors lecturing to hundreds of students, trade schools focus on providing small class sizes. You’ll get more one-on-one attention and have a chance to connect with other students, building your industry network. 

Career Services & Connections

From the very beginning of your experience in trade school, you’ll be working closely with the career services department. They’ll get to know you personally, help you with your resume and interview skills, and connect you with employers and industry connections. The narrow focus allows trade schools to provide highly effective career services. 

If you’re considering trade school, a trucking program is an affordable way to enter a lucrative career. Hamrick School offers CDL courses to students in Akron and Cleveland, OH. They have almost 40 years of experience helping people improve their earning potential in less than a year. Plus, they’ll connect you with employers and assist you with building your industry network. Call (330) 239-2229 to speak to an admissions officer, or head to their website to learn more about their truck driving programs. 

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