Is Dedicated Trucking Right for You?

When most people think of trucking, they probably imagine long, cross-country routes that never stop in the same place or carry the same cargo twice. They’re picturing long hauls. However, unlike long haul trucking, dedicated trucking gives a driver consistent routes that often stay within state lines and consist of the same products being transported to the same places. While a dedicated truck driver isn’t likely to have the exact same route every day, they’ll probably run the same handful of routes every week. Dedicated trucking comes with its perks, but not every driver prefers it. This brief guide breaks down the pros and cons to help you determine if dedicated routes are right for you. 

What Are the Advantages?

A Predictable Schedule

For most truckers, the biggest upside to dedicated routes is the reliable, consistent schedule. As a dedicated driver, there are no more last-minute assignments to take you from Arizona to Louisiana when you thought you’d be driving home. Instead, you head into the week knowing everything you’ll need to accomplish and how long it’ll take. Generally, dedicated routes don’t require night driving or overnight trips, either, making it easier to schedule time with family and friends. 

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Fewer Surprises on the Road

Because dedicated drivers learn their routes inside and out and rarely have to deviate from their usual plan, they enjoy the comfort of always knowing where they’re going and what conditions they can expect on the road. They don’t have to worry about finding rest stops and restaurants in unfamiliar places, and they can easily keep track of local weather and construction.

What Are the Disadvantages?

No Long Haul Experience

Most dedicated routes keep a driver within their assigned region, and there aren’t many opportunities for long-haul work. While this isn’t a problem for some truck drivers, many want experience doing OTR work, which offers the best pay on average. 

Less Variety

Drivers who come to the industry looking for variety and freedom may find that dedicated trucking lacks the allure that long hauls have. For some people, this can interfere with performance and lead to burnout. A truck driver who wants to see the country by road won’t have the same freedom to explore if they’re only running dedicated routes, but a homebody who wants consistent work may not have any problems. 

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