Is a Career in Trucking Right for You?

For high school graduates, a traditional four-year college education isn’t the only option. Many young people are now learning trades and starting fulfilling careers right out of school. With the DRIVE Safe Act opening the freight industry to truck drivers as young as 18, trucking is now more attainable than ever. Here are a few signs you might thrive in the industry.

4 Signs a Career As a Truck Driver Is Right for You

1. You Love Variety

When you work in the trucking industry, every day is unique. Instead of being holed up in an office, looking at the same desk and four walls every day, truckers enjoy the freedom of the changing landscapes on the open road. This career offers constant new experiences in new places. And because you deliver new goods everywhere you go, you also get the opportunity to see how different industries work across the country. The weeks on the road can get long, but there’s always something new to see or learn.

2. You Want Good Benefits

Due to the simultaneous surge in demand for shipping and shortage of experienced truck drivers, this career comes with higher pay and better job security than ever. If what you’re looking for as you enter into the workforce is steady, well-paying work with constant demand, trucking meets those requirements.

3. You Crave Independence

truck driver

In many industries, you’re directly subordinate to a manager or boss who oversees your work on a daily basis. Truck drivers, on the other hand, have a level of built-in freedom that many other workers can only wish for. Once you’re on the road, you set your pace, determine your stops, and have full control over your work. As long as the job gets done safely and on time, you get to work your way.

4. You’re Responsible

With all that freedom also come serious responsibilities. Semis and 18-wheelers are massive machines capable of doing irreparable damage if handled improperly. While on a long haul, the safety of everyone on the road is in your hands. You’re responsible for all decisions you make behind the wheel, and you’re also responsible for safely delivering your cargo.

If you’re looking for a unique, challenging, and rewarding career, reach out to Hamrick School in Medina, OH. For over 40 years, these experienced professionals have given young truck drivers the skills and know-how to thrive in the industry. Learn more about their financial aid options online, and call (330) 239-2229 for questions about admissions.