How to Prepare for Your First Long-haul Truck Drive

Being a long-haul truck driver can be a lucrative career, but setting out on your first delivery can be an intimidating experience. While your truck driving school might have provided the skills to safely handle your vehicle, you may not feel quite ready to sit behind the wheel for days or even weeks at a time. Here are a few tips for preparing to set out on your first long-haul run.

Getting Ready for Your First Long-Haul Drive

1. Study Your Route

Most truck drivers rely on GPS to get them where they’re going, but these services aren’t always accurate and may not take traffic consideration or construction closures into account. Studying the route before you begin your drive will help you build confidence and avoid any unpleasant surprises along the way.

2. Talk to Your Family

truck driverEven seasoned truck drivers sometimes have difficulty being separated from their loved ones, so have an honest discussion with your family. If you’re married or have kids, talk about your worries, and come up with a plan to communicate frequently while you’re on the road, which will help you feel connected.

3. Look After Your Health

As mentally active as being a truck driver can be, it doesn’t demand much of your body. Sitting for too long can put you at risk of heart disease, stroke, and a wide range of other serious health issues, so take some time to exercise every day while you’re on the road.

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