How to Clean Your Truck Cab

With the COVID-19 pandemic still a threat, as well as flu season coming up, it’s crucial for truck drivers to clean their cabs. This will protect you against germs and bacteria, prevent illness, and keep you healthy. Here’s what you need to know. 

How Often Should You Clean the Cab? 

At the very least, do a basic clean at the beginning of each driving shift. Additionally, sanitize the area whenever you have visitors, such as a friend, vehicle technician, or a member of the Department of Transportation (DOT) team. Do a more thorough cleaning at least once a week. 

What Type of Disinfectant Should You Use? 

truck driversThe coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for hours or even days. As a result, it’s important to utilize a strong and effective disinfectant. For example, a bleach solution, 70% rubbing alcohol, and peroxide are all reliable options for eliminating the coronavirus.

When you’re using one of these disinfectants, keep the windows open for ventilation. Also, bleach and peroxide can damage carpets or fabrics, so be careful when utilizing them. Put on disposable gloves when cleaning. If you’re wearing the reusable kind, designate them for disinfecting only and store them in an area that’s away from other items. 

How Do You Clean the Cab?  

Start by using the disinfectant to wipe down the surfaces you’re likely to touch. For example, clean the interior glass, gear shift, any driver controls or switches, and the steering wheel. Also, disinfect the surfaces in the sleeping area. 

At least once a week, launder any linens or bedding using hot water and detergent. Make sure to clean the laundry bag, as well. 

If you have any touchscreens, tablets, or keyboards in your truck, wipe them down with alcohol-based sprays or wipes. However, don’t put any liquids directly on screens. 

Finally, vacuum the carpets and seats, shampoo the upholstery, and clean the areas under each seat at least once a month.   

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