How to Choose the Right Semi Truck for You

The right rig will fit the needs of both the truck driver and the owner-operator. The decision isn’t an easy one to make. Cost and reliability need to be considered along with the type of hauls your company does. With the right balance, you can find a truck that will go the distance while also minimizing your financial risk.  

New or Used Trucks?

This is the first question new owner-operators ask. New trucks are expensive, but the investment might be more cost-effective. They’re usually more fuel-efficient, which saves you money—especially on long hauls. In case repairs are needed, a new rig’s extensive warranty will cover many potential issues. Mechanics are more likely to have the parts for modern vehicles on-hand. This will decrease the wait time for truck drivers to get back on the road.

New rigs often provide greater comfort for truckers. The sleeper berths are usually larger, and sometimes offer more of the amenities of home. That comfort applies to the owners, as well. New trucks don’t have an unknown history with previous drivers. You’ll know what you’re getting when it’s driven off the lot. 

However, used trucks doesn’t mean they’re broken down. Many new owner-operators prefer buying used rigs. A slightly used truck’s quality will still be very high but at a much more affordable price. This applies to older-model trucks, too. They’re less fuel-efficient, but older trucks are often more powerful than modern rigs. They were built to last, which is why so many are still used today. While you may not have a complete history of a used truck, an internet search on a rig’s make and model can provide insight into its reliability.

The Road You Take

Sometimes, the right type of rig depends on what you’re using it for. Long-haul trucks should have a strong performance history. They need to handle changes in terrain and weather patterns, and have available dealerships across the country in case repairs are necessary. For the trucker’s comfort, they should drive smoothly and provide ample sleeper space.

Short hauls are usually between 150 and 500 miles. Truckers still need a comfortable place to rest, but the short trips make choosing a rig easier. Look for rigs that are mechanically sound but still reliable.

If your company operates locally, the trucks will spend more time on the streets than highways. Like short-haul trucks, the rigs should be mechanically sound. They don’t have as far to travel and won’t have as much stress put on them from mileage and weather.

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