How to Ace Your Truck Driving Interview

You’re only one interview away from the job you want. Being ready means more than having your CDL or being an experienced truck driver. What you do before the interview is as important as what you do during it. With the right preparation, you’ll impress your interviewer and potentially turn that interview into a job offer.

Before the Interview

Research the company before your interview. Check their website’s “About Us” section and their social media pages. Many companies list the industries they serve and the locations of their distribution centers. This will help you understand what you might be hauling and the routes you might be taking. The insight can also give you an idea of the questions you’ll be asked.

If a company offers flatbed transportation, they might ask about your experience in delivering oversized loads. If they provide nationwide services, there could be questions about your longest haul and record of delivering on time. If you’re a new truck driver, the interviewer will ask about your driving record and why you pursued a CDL.

You should also prepare your resume and a document folder to bring with you. Your resume should provide a 10-year work history even if you don’t have any prior experience as a truck driver. Interviewers want an idea of what you’ve done and how it applies to your new career.

Put several copies of your resume in your folder. Include copies of your CDL, your DOT physical, and your truck driving school certificate. If you have experience as a truck driver, also include your CSA and DAC reports. If they hire you on the spot, have copies of your Social Security card and birth certificate ready.

Finally, make sure you have a professional email and voicemail. Having a joke voicemail message or account is inappropriate in a work setting.

During the Interview

Be at least 10 minutes early to your interview. Consider your route beforehand and leave yourself time in case of weather or traffic. If you’re late, the company will assume you don’t take the position seriously. While it’s normal to be nervous, remember to smile and show enthusiasm. You want this job, and you have to communicate that to your interviewer.

The best way to communicate your enthusiasm is to ask questions. Ask about benefits, scheduling, and company culture. Ask about your interviewer’s experiences with the company and what they expect out of their truck drivers. This shows your interest in the company and your desire to be the driver they’re looking for.

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