How Technology Is Keeping Fleets & Truckers Safe During COVID-19

Like every industry, trucking has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Truck drivers are on the front lines, and they’ve had to risk their health to deliver essential supplies across the country. Fortunately, new technologies are helping fleets and truckers stay safe and keep their jobs during the pandemic.

How Has COVID-19 Challenged the Trucking Industry?

Some logistics and hauling companies have seen challenges to their revenues as supply chains get disrupted. There’s been less demand for certain products, reducing trucking jobs in certain sectors of the field. However, trucking jobs are still on the rise as a whole.

Additionally, many truck drivers need to go into truck stops, pass through border checkpoints, and deliver supplies, putting them at risk of the coronavirus.

How Is Technology Helping?

Supply Chain Platforms

Throughout the pandemic, there have been shortages of everything from medical supplies to flour and paper towels. At the same time, other products are barely being bought at all. This makes demand forecasting difficult, disrupting freight rates and capacity, according to

Fortunately, cloud-based transportation systems are being adopted by shippers and carriers, increasing collaboration and ensuring that freights match the available capacity. This is cutting costs and improving asset utilization, allowing the industry to flourish. For truckers, this means job safety and more positions opening up to keep up with demand.

Truck Sensors

One part of being a driver is inspecting the truck regularly for flat tires, broken brakes, and other issues. It’s easy to miss problems, and walking around the vehicle can cause truckers to come into contact with others in the loading bay, putting drivers at risk of COVID-19. Smart sensor technologies allow truckers to monitor the vehicle from the cab, keeping them safe.

Digital Lists

When taking on or handing off freight, truck drivers and logistics personnel need to go through multiple steps that involve sharing paper lists. This puts them at risk of spreading COVID-19.

New technologies allow everyone involved to handle this process via digital devices. This also means central record keeping and automatic updates to each person. Also, keep in mind that this can be used for all document sharing, from freight manifests to driver inspection reports.

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