How Do You Know When It's Time to Change Careers?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people everywhere are reevaluating their relationship with work. Some are looking for growth in their field, some are quitting entirely, and some are choosing trade school. If you’re among those unsure of their next step, here are a few tips for knowing when to make a change.

4 Signs You’re Ready for a Career Change

1. You Crave Variety

It’s normal to go through waves of boredom with the work you’re doing, especially if it’s repetitive. But if you find yourself perpetually craving something new, dynamic, and exciting, then your current career may no longer be right for you. Sticking with a job that always makes you bored will sap your energy and passion, leaving you tired, anxious, and incapable of enthusiasm. Finding a job with more variety and options could revitalize you and lead to greater satisfaction with both your work and personal life. 

2. You Want More Meaningful Work

trade school

Many people are happy to sit in an office and do the same tasks every day. But some people want to do work that invigorates them and has tangible, meaningful results and a positive impact on the people around them. If you feel like your job is meaningless or doesn’t contribute to any community’s wellbeing, it’s crucial to get out and find work that is meaningful to you. 

3.  You Feel Disconnected

Both people and jobs change over time, and sometimes you become disconnected from what you initially loved about a job. Reflect on why you entered into your current field, and ask yourself if those reasons are still important to you. 

For many people, work is also social, and changes in work structure due to the pandemic have left many feeling disconnected from their coworkers and communities. It’s crucial for people to feel connected to their work and the people around them, and if a job doesn’t give you that anymore, it may be healthier to leave.

4. You Want Better Pay

Across the country, many industries have taken their workers for granted and only offered meager pay increases annually. For a large number of workers, these increases haven’t kept up with inflation, meaning that someone who’s worked the same job for 15 years may now be making less money than when they started. 

Switching jobs is one of the most reliable ways to secure a pay increase, especially if you negotiate when a potential employer sends you an offer. While it’s possible to find better pay within your industry, many people have been switching to entirely new fields, and trades are especially popular. Trade school is often inexpensive and fast, and trade careers have high pay and job security.

If you’re ready to make the change and enroll in a trade school, reach out to Hamrick School in Medina, OH. For over 40 years, this fully licensed trucking school has led new drivers through advanced and master CDL training programs to help them build successful careers in the industry. Learn more about their admissions process online, and call (330) 239-2229 to discuss financial aid options.

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