How Can You Transition to the Trucking Lifestyle?

It’s common for an individual to change careers several times during their working life. While the responsibilities may vary, most jobs maintain a standard schedule. However, these experiences may not translate to trucking. It’s a dynamic and unique career path that may seem to have a steep learning curve at first. If you’re preparing for life on the road, learn more about how you can make your transition as smooth as possible. 

How Is Trucking Different From Traditional Careers?

Different Weekly Schedules

Trucking isn’t a nine-to-five, Monday-to-Friday job. Schedules vary depending on if a driver has short- or long-haul routes. Drivers may also have standard routes or changing ones. They must adapt to different schedules and sometimes sacrifice weekends on hauls that need to be delivered by Monday. 

However, trucking has still changed with the times. Drivers are no longer hauling for months at a time. This work-life balance allows truckers to enjoy the open road, bring in a lucrative income, and still have time with friends and family. 

Smaller Working Space

A truck’s cab doubles as a second home and an office. Since space is limited even in larger vehicles, drivers have to stay organized and get creative with the room they have. Use Tupperware to store dry food, bottled water, clothes, and exercise equipment. 

Many truck drivers attach shower caddies with VELCRO® to keep commonly used items within reach. They’re also handy to keep coffee machines stable and accessible when drivers need an extra boost. 

What Should New Truck Drivers Do to Ease the Transition? 

Add Home Comforts

TV and internet access can make a significant difference in a trucker’s quality of life. Streaming services and social media will keep them entertained and informed. 

To provide their truckers with more support, many companies have instituted rider guidelines. New drivers will likely have to wait six months to establish themselves as safe and reliable, according to After that period, drivers are often allowed to have friends, family members, children, or pets travel with them. Since each company has different policies, inquire about them during the interview process. 

Create New Traditions

If scheduled deliveries take you away from your family on birthdays or holidays, you can still enjoy the festivities. Many families celebrate ahead of time or after events, which can be more convenient, especially if you want to avoid holiday crowds.

Make New Friends

While the trucking industry has integrated new technology, the CB radio is never going away. They allow truckers to provide each other with tips, traffic alerts and also act as a social outlet. Driving is a unique career, and sometimes the only other people who will understand it are truckers themselves. 

Use Modern Technology 

Many truckers and their families also stay in close contact through video chatting programs. Scheduling calls on Whatsapp®, Messenger®, and Zoom® can make your home feel much closer. 

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