How a Truck Driver Can Build an Impressive Resume

For aspiring truck drivers, getting CDL certified is only one step. After that, it’s still necessary to secure a job, and having a strong resume will help you achieve that. These trucker-specific tips will help you design a resume that will catch recruiters’ eyes.

4 Expert Resume Tips for Truck Drivers

1. Highlight Your Certifications

Employers like hard evidence that an applicant meets all the necessary criteria. For truck drivers, it’s crucial to show a company that you already have the certifications the job requires. If you are in the process of getting it, including that will make the hiring committee confident in your dedication to the job. You also want to include extra certifications that aren’t mentioned in the application to show your breadth of skill and experience.

2. Promote Your Relevant Skills

Driving isn’t the only skill a truck driver needs daily, and highlighting the important secondary skills shows your understanding of the job’s finer details. The math necessary for good bookkeeping and the mechanical knowledge to perform repairs are just as integral to the job as driving itself. Emphasizing your ability to perform strenuous physical labor, plan routes and provide logistical support, and serve customers will also be beneficial.

3. Hire an Editor

Resumes need accurate spelling and grammatical, but there are also some acceptable ways to abbreviate and truncate your language to save space. It’s difficult to walk that fine line. If you’re not confident with your language use on a resume, hiring an experienced editor will save time and help you find your next position faster.

4. Take Advantage of Your Logs

Truckers need to keep detailed records of their work, which you can take advantage of. Review your logs from previous trucking jobs and note the number of trips, total mileage, and how much money or weight in cargo you’ve delivered. Using these numbers on a resume provides hard data for an employer to remember you by.

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