Healthy Eating for Drivers

Students learn healthy eating during the Driver Health and Wellness class.During their last week of classroom training, students in the Master Truck Driver Training program planned, prepared and cooked a healthy meal as a part of their Driver Health and Wellness class.

To follow with the program, the meal must be well-balanced and healthy, and must be based on the criteria learned in their “Healthy Eating for Drivers” lesson. Students must be able to prepare and cook this meal in a truck using only the cooking tools and utensils available in a truck, simulating a real-life situation once they start their driving careers.

The lifestyle of a truck driver requires having skills to stay healthy and fit when they are over the road. Hamrick School instructor Patricia Welsh teaches our students those necessary skills and last week the students were able to demonstrate what they have learned. This fruit salad was a favorite amongst all who tried! Good job, students!