Are You Qualified to Become a Truck Driver?

Whether traveling on the open road is your dream job or you’re ready for a career change, becoming a truck driver may be your calling. Trucking is a lucrative industry with a bright future, but there are a few requirements to meet before joining the field. Here’s what you need.

5 Basic Requirements for Aspiring Truck Drivers

1. Meet the Age Prerequisite

Even if you have your driver’s license and consider yourself a safe driver, you generally can’t become a trucker fresh out of high school. Current law requires drivers to be at least 21 years old. Although individual states can lower their minimum age prerequisites for intrastate commerce to drivers as young as 18, the majority of trucking companies only hire those 21 and up.

2. Have a Clean Driving History

When it comes to trucking, being a safe and responsible driver is key. That’s why most truck driving schools require a clean record for admittance. Additionally, every company has different qualifications and will check your history before hiring you. Potential employers will look for incidences of past traffic accidents and violations.

3. Attend Truck Driving School

truck driverBefore you take your CDL exam and enter the field, you need to gain experience. While no formal education is required, enrolling at an accredited trucking school will help prepare you for the test and your career.

CDL programs offer both classroom and hands-on teaching to give you the necessary skills for truck driving.

4. Earn Your CDL

A CDL, or commercial driver’s license, is what allows you to drive professionally. You’ll need to obtain your CDL from your state of residence. The CDL exam tests various skills and includes a vehicle inspection, road test, and backing test.

5. Pass Physical Requirements

Being a truck driver can be physically demanding, so it’s important to meet physical and medical criteria. You’ll need to undergo a physical by an approved doctor, in which your eyes, ears, and overall health will be examined.

If companies expect you to load and unload your truck, you’ll need to be able to lift heavy materials as well. All drivers must pass a drug and alcohol test.

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