5 Wet Weather Tips for Truck Drivers

No matter what you drive, wet weather can lead to hazardous conditions on the road. For truck drivers, maintaining control of your rig is vital for the safety of you, your load, and everyone else around you. Keep the following tips in mind to operate your truck safely when the weather isn’t cooperating.

How to Drive Your Truck in Wet Weather

1. Reduce Distractions

Distracted driving is a problem in any weather, but slick road conditions mean you need to be on high alert at all times to avoid an accident. Don’t talk or text on your cell phone and keep your radio at a reasonable volume level. Set up food and drinks for a long drive before you begin your journey so you aren’t rummaging around for what you need.

2. Keep Your Lights On

Rain, sleet, and snow affect your visibility, so it’s important to have your lights on during the day and night when the weather is treacherous. This makes you more visible to drivers while also illuminating the road ahead.

3. Slow Down

truck driverAdjusting your speed is vital for driving in wet weather. Slow down, especially if roadways are flooded with water. Speeding not only increases your chances of an accident, but it can also lead to hydroplaning, which can spell trouble quickly.

4. Keep Your Distance

Leave plenty of room between you and other drivers so you have space and time for your brakes to catch on the wet road. If you do need to stop for a light or stop sign, begin engaging your brakes earlier than you normally would just in case your traction is affected.

5. Don’t Panic

Truck drivers must always be in control of their vehicle to maintain safety, which also entails staying calm in case of trouble. If you begin to skid, don’t slam the brakes. Steer into the skid and keep your eyes focused in that direction the whole time as you regain control.

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