5 Types of Wages a Truck Driver Can Earn

Before a truck driver accepts a job, it’s crucial for them to know what type of pay they’ll receive and what that says about the job. Some of these payment methods are common in other industries, but others are unique. Learn what type of pay to expect for your jobs below.

How Do Trucker Drivers Get Paid?

1. Hourly

Just like in most other industries, some trucking jobs pay drivers by the hour. Hourly jobs are most common in intrastate companies that have truck drivers doing routes shorter than 150 miles. Drivers on these routes will likely be expected to make frequent stops and participate in loading and unloading. If you’re looking for extra work, many of these jobs come with overtime opportunities that offer a substantial boost to your paycheck.

2. Salary

Salaried positions usually offer consistent routes that always pay out the same amount. Drivers accept a flat rate for the job at the start, and receive the agreed upon amount no matter how many miles or hours they put in.

3. Per mile

Most companies pay drivers based on the number of miles driven, but there are multiple ways this can be calculated. Practical Mileage determines pay based on a pre-planned route meant to minimize the distance between the starting and finishing points. Hub Mileage uses actual miles traveled based on the driver’s odometer readings. Because your paycheck ultimately depends on how many miles you drive, make sure to ask about the average weekly miles to get an idea of how much you’re likely to make.

4. Per diem

On trips that last more than a day, you might be offered a per diem. This allotment is meant to provide funds to pay for lodging, food, and other necessities while on the road. In most cases, it is a form of reimbursement, and this money is not taxable.

5. Stop pay

For drivers making multiple stops per route, stop pay is a way to offset downtime and fewer miles. If you’re making three stops on a route instead of one, you have less drive time available and will log fewer miles per day, so stop pay exists to ensure truck drivers are appropriately compensated for their time.

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