5 Top Podcasts Every Truck Driver Will Enjoy

Trucking school is crucial for learning and preparing for a career in the industry, but don’t stop there. Whether you’re a new driver or a seasoned veteran, continuously educating yourself and staying up to date with the job is vital for being the most successful trucker possible. If you want to excel in this field, start listening to some of the top-rated trucking podcasts. They’re educational and—almost as important—a lot of fun for the passionate driver.

5 Best Podcasts for Truck Drivers  

1. The Trucking Podcast 

Buck Ballard and his son, Don, draw upon their experiences with and passion for trucking to create a podcast that covers trucking and other topics that interest them, especially when they have anything to do with vehicles. They also focus on promoting and discussing products that average people can afford or access. 

2. Trucker Dump 

trucking schoolThis podcast offers lessons in trucking delivered with humor and entertainment. Run by Todd McCann, it’s filled with stories and anecdotes that he, his wife, and other truck drivers they know have personally experienced on the road. Listening will be so fun that you’ll hardly even notice you’re learning something at the same time. 

3. Ask the Trucker 

Since 2008, Allen Smith has run this podcast to address questions and concerns that truckers have about the industry. He covers topics like regulations, health, career building, and common problems in the field. To supplement everything about CDL training you’ve already learned in trucking school, tune into this podcast to catch every episode.  

4. The Lead Pedal 

With more than thirty years of experience in truck driving, Bruce Outridge has the knowledge and experience to deliver a quality podcast with an emphasis on building a career and interviewing drivers, and that’s exactly what he does. His goal is to help new drivers find success after trucking school and to enable seasoned drivers to continue moving up. 

5. Destination Health 

It can be challenging to keep your body in good shape as a truck driver. With this podcast, Kim Cockerham offers tips, advice, and encouragement to help you take care of yourself and reach your health goals while on the road.   

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