5 Apps All Truck Drivers Should Use

Truckers aren’t stuck behind a desk—they travel the country, delivering goods that benefit everyone. Along with that freedom, they also deal with factors outside of their control: changes in weather, vehicle maintenance, and road conditions can make even the most seasoned truck driver frustrated. But there are reliable and free apps available that can make all of that easier.

Apps For Truckers

1. Allstays

Allstays is a comprehensive mapping system offering everything drivers need. The app can locate specific restaurants, diesel lanes, maintenance shops, and laundromats to cover all your basic needs on the road. And when it comes to fulfilling job requirements, you can search the app for nearby Pilot Flying Js, weigh stations, and bulk DEF dealers. Allstays can even alert drivers of highway conditions, road access rules, parking, and local steep road grades to keep you safe during your route.

2. NOAA RadarTruck driver

In a matter of days or even hours, truck drivers can experience many types of weather. The NOAA Radar uses data from the U.S. government’s weather monitoring systems, making it more accurate than any of the other weather apps available. Drivers can use the app to prepare for inclement weather or avoid troublesome routes entirely.

3. Trucker Path Pro

Trucker Path Pro can earn truck drivers more money. Truckers can advertise extra room they have in their trailers along their route. Interested shippers could use that empty space, paying drivers for a second delivery while on course to their primary destination. This app feature is free for the truck driver—the shipper pays the app’s fee.

4. Fuelbook

Fuelbook provides diesel prices in gas stations and rest stops in the United States and Canada. The app’s fuel codes give truck drivers discounts in over 7,000 locations. With the cost of diesel constantly fluctuating, Fuelbook is updated six times daily from fuel card transactions, so all prices are current.

5. Lose It!

Sitting for long distances makes it difficult to stay in shape. Lose it! is a calorie-counting app that tracks food intake. It then generates a daily calorie budget and provides serving size guides to help you reach your goal weight. Lose it! can be connected to other apps like Google Fit and Fitbit. For motivation, you can even engage with other users who are on similar weight-loss programs.

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