4 Tips to Boost a Truck Driving Career

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a truck driver or further along in your career, you might wonder how to advance to the next level. If you want to get better routes and earn a higher salary, there are several steps you can take to achieve these milestones. Here’s how to stay on a steady upward trajectory. 

How to Advance Your Career as a Truck Driver

1. Stay on Schedule

Your customers rely on timely delivery and pickup services, as staying on schedule helps them make more money and maintain their client base. If you have a reputation for always being on time, it will help you get pay increases and good references to use when you apply for better positions.

2. Drive Safely 

As a truck driver, keeping a clean CDL record is crucial. Always go the speed limit, since tickets and accidents will count as marks against you. Prevent your commercial driver’s license from getting suspended by paying your insurance premiums and renewing your plan before it lapses. 

3. Earn More Credentials 

truck driverSchedule training and testing sessions to earn endorsements that will decorate your resume. Available CDL endorsements may include hazardous materials, tank vehicles, doubles or triples, and passenger or school bus transport. More endorsements will expand your career possibilities.

4. Research & Network

Subscribe to trade publications and industry news periodicals so you can stay abreast of opportunities in your field. Talk to other truck drivers about their employers, pay rates, and benefits. This will help you put together a list of companies to aim for. 

When you’re ready to start your career as a truck driver, enroll in Hamrick School. Their truck driving program offers CDL classes and training to clients throughout Medina, OH, and the Cleveland area. Call (330) 239-2229 to speak with an admissions officer and begin your exciting career path today. Visit the website to learn more about accreditation, financial aid, and programs. 

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