4 Reasons to Thank a Truck Driver

With trucker appreciation this week (September 13-19, 2020), it’s the perfect time to thank drivers across the country. These seven days are dedicated to showing gratitude to the people who are responsible for transporting essential items, from toilet paper and medical equipment to food and beverages. Here are a few more reasons why truck drivers deserve recognition.

Why Appreciate Truck Drivers?

1. COVID-19

The pandemic has made the work truck drivers do more important than ever. They help individuals, hospitals, and businesses get the items they need to stay safe, from masks and medical equipment to hand sanitizer and soap. And they risk their lives doing it. While many Americans were sheltering in place, truckers were on the road, making stops in public areas and doing what needs to get done to keep the country running.

2. Disaster Situations

In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, truckers are there when a disaster happens. Whether it’s an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane, they’re some of the first people to arrive, bringing essential items like medical aid, food, generators, and clothing. In some situations, truck drivers have been asked to evacuate people from dangerous areas, putting their life on the line for others.

3. Weeks Away From Family

While trucking is essential to the economy and the everyday lives of Americans, it isn’t always easy for drivers. They spend days, weeks, and sometimes even months away from loved ones, including family members and friends. To ensure that the economy and life in America continue to run smoothly, they often have to miss out on special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, and graduations. They’re devoted to their work, and for this, it’s crucial to thank them.

4. Always at Work

Truck drivers keep the economy running and transport items, even under challenging circumstances. Heavy rain, snowfall, or the heat of the summer doesn’t stop truckers from doing their jobs. Once they’re on the road, they rarely take breaks and work hard until they’ve reached their destination.

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