4 Essential Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Driving professionally requires more than the average degree of road smarts. As a truck driver, you’ll spend many hours on the road in rigs that are very different from the regular vehicles people use for personal transport. That means needing additional skills and knowledge to stay safe on the road. Here are four tips for driving big rigs to help you successfully pilot your truck and make timely deliveries.

How Truck Drivers Can Improve Their Safety

1. Follow Traffic Reports

Listening to the radio and talking to other drivers are great ways to learn about traffic updates in the areas you’re driving through. By staying on top of these sources throughout the day, you can plan routes to avoid areas where you may have to slow down to mitigate the risk of getting behind schedule. Plus, you can be a safer truck driver by learning where accidents are and steering clear to give emergency personnel plenty of room to handle the issue.

2. Pay Attention to the Weather 

truck driver Medina OHWhether your rig is loaded or not you should check the weather every few hours to ensure that you’re ready to make necessary changes to the route or alter timing in case of dangerous conditions like snow, heavy rain, or high winds.  

3. Re-Check the Rig

Maintaining the safety and integrity of the freight is one of the main parts of being a truck driver. That requires checking and re-checking your rig throughout your route to ensure that every strap is tightened and every lock secured. Most trucking companies feature regulations on how frequently to follow these rig checks, so be sure to follow the rules of the company you’re driving for. Don’t hesitate to pull over at a rest stop or weigh station if you’re concerned the rig needs attention — it’s always better to spend five minutes assessing everything than to potentially cause an accident.

4. Get Out to Assess Delivery Spots

Many truck drivers find that it’s beneficial to get out on foot to scope out delivery locales before trying to unload their rigs. This allows you to get a better idea of the necessary maneuvering to get your truck in the perfect position for easy unloading to make the trip more efficient and ensure the safety of the truck, load, and the loading dock. 

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