3 Ways to Thrive as an Owner-Operator

While you may have started your career behind the wheel as a truck driver or just come into the field, you’re now an owner-operator. Owning a business is an exciting prospect, especially since your occupation helps to keep America moving. Here are some tips to ensure your business grows.   

How Can New Owner-Operators Keep Their Trucking Businesses Profitable? 

1. Focusing on Fuel-Efficiency 

Save money by knowing what gas to buy. The lowest pump price isn’t the same thing as the lowest fuel cost. The cost of the fuel depends on the state tax that’s levied on it. The pump price will include the state tax. Have your drivers check on the lowest base fuel prices. 

2. Committing to Preventative Maintenance 

Truck DriverPart of your budget should be set aside for preventative maintenance on your trucks.

By replacing batteries before they get too old, you’ll reduce the likelihood of costly breakdowns while on the road. 

Good tire pressure will save you money on fuel. Tire tread depth also helps save on fuel while protecting the driver by making braking easier.  

3. Investing in the Right Trucks

You might be focusing on the decision between purchasing new or used rigs. New trucks are tempting, but they might have unknown problems that you’ll spend money repairing.

By buying used rigs, you’ll avoid absorbing the depreciation that the original owner dealt with. You’ll save money on vehicles that have already been worked on and have had their kinks and flaws ironed out. If you’re in the market for used vehicles, CDL 101 has suggested trucks that have 200,000 miles on them are your best bet. However, before you buy any used vehicles, check them against their Electronic Control Module (ECM) reports to ensure that the rig has performed well. 

There are other factors to consider, including engine power, the loads you’ll be transporting, and the routes your drivers will be traveling on. 

You can also reach out to established owner-operators for advice on the best trucks to buy. This will help you save money while maximizing road efficiency. 

The greatest resource available to owner-operators is the truck drivers themselves. Without them, the rigs will be empty, and the cargo won’t be delivered. For 40 years, Hamrick School has helped thousands of students begin new careers as truckers. By offering both vehicle and classroom experience, their graduates are ready to take on the road. If you’re in the Medina, OH, area, reach out to them at (330) 239-2229 for their day and night class schedule. For more information about their financial aid services, visit their website

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